Forgotten underwater kingdom - created by divair

Forgotten underwater kingdom
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avatar JamesD
JamesD says:

Regarding the stock you have used from deviantART - they all require some kind of link back / notification of the use of stock, which I can't seem to find!?... Also, regarding the use of the Dolphin from Della-Stock it states on the authors terms of usage that you require written permission to use the image outside of deviantART - if you have that's GREAT, just attach it as a screen grab, censoring the personal identifiable info and stick it in the SBS section as proof.

author says:

About Della-Stock, I follow her complete rules on "Use of Landscape/Animal/Nature/Object/Texture stock". About links back, I ALWAYS do it AFTER the contests are over.

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avatar JamesD
JamesD says:

OK well this is written on the page you've linked to with regards to the Dolphin stock

" For Use Where: These stock photos are free to use primarily on deviantART.
Please request permission if you would like to use this outside of deviantART
For questions regarding the use of my stock in Blogs, avatars, DevMobile and Prints, please see my Terms and Conditions"

As this is not deviantART you require PERMISSION to use the image! otherwise you can't include it in your entry! if you have the proof from Della-Stock that says you are granted the permission to use it outside of deviantART then you NEED to include this confirmation (blacking out all identifiable information such as name - email etc) and upload it into the SBS section!. This permission serves as your licence to use the image

Moderator says:

With the rule in the ( for use where ) section of the author's DA Terms and Conditions,
Use of Landscape/Animal/Nature/Object/Texture stock: feel free to post your manipulations/traditional art on other websites (like Flickr, Ponybox, personal websites) with credit and links
We believe this source image is OK to be used in this entry.

JamesD says:

It clearly says Please request permission if you would like to use this outside of deviantART in bold script - regardless of the owners overall T&C's - This is why I have a problem with DA stock!

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avatar Mina93
Mina93 says:

Good work =)

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Forgotten underwater kingdom
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