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Fern Baby
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avatar CrystleClear

wow, great imagination!

avatar chady
chady says:

Seamless!! amazing!

author says:

I didn't make the source image, Missy, sorry you found it offensive.
Pity you let that prejudice your appreciation of the final image.

no avatar
noelia says:

nice job

avatar George55
George55 says:

You could have used the image of an sleeping baby, and it had been better. Even your work does not depict a dead fetus, your source image with the dead fetus in the jar, is still hard to take. But you did a good blending with the source image. Any SBS would be appreciated. Good luck!

author says:

Thank you George for your kind words.
A sleeping baby would not have made the final image "better," just different. Since the source I used was for public use, it should not be held against me for using it...But to each their own.

There IS a 6 step SBS included.

avatar Drivenslush

Respect for the ones that have passed on...(RESPECT FOR THE DEAD) I'd have the same feeling if I saw a photo of a family member having his image taken from the coffin..

Author, there are moral images, immoral images.. and just plain bad taste..(all you had to do is find an image of an actual live fetus and everything would have been okay, but you chose something deplorable) I'd hate to see what reaction would come from the poor female who lost this treasure.

I don't blame you author, I blame the person that placed this on web to be used as a manipulation, so frightening uncool.. (Maybe for your next creation you could put a little girl hiding in a toilet in Auschwitz swallowing her own fecal material in order to preserve the family diamonds...)

Can't help it, this is a very sore subject in my book, (don't get me wrong.. in the proper setting, this would be a very powerful image.. BUT NOT IN A WEEKLY CONTEST).. it's in severe poor taste and make the whole submission cruel and unnecessary. This is ADVANCED art.. Not competition.. it's very.. well ewwwww

(Though if I was asked to defend this image, I probably would do it till the death, and as well done as it is.. it just hurts)

And no one likes to hurt... ask Anne Frank

avatar UncleJimmy

WOW....Just Wow....what a neat image and final result....as for the source, it appears to be a medical study specimen or something similar, it happens. no matter where you find some sources, someone, somewhere is likely to be sensitive to it...but the final result would have not been as good with a 'sleeping' baby IMHO.

As far as having family images taken from the coffin as it were....this was an extremely popular type of photography at the turn of the last century and was a sign of respect and a final image to many families...as a photographer, i have done bereavement photography also...

avatar Drivenslush

Coffin view is FOR THE FAMILY. not the public.end of story (and a fetus in formaldehyde has major issues)

(If it was the Authors image I would have no problem with it.. but it's someone they do not know, nor never will, and that is just not right .. on so many angles)

author says:

DS, you are attempting (poorly, I might add) to force your personal values on everyone, whether they agree or not.
Had I just posted the image without the source, there would have been no problem. Had I been able to find line art in the correct shape, I could have manipulated that to a very similar degree, no problem.

Just because people disagree with the source I used takes NOTHING away from the image I made. You argue that you defend my right to create, and then in the next breath condemn it. TSK!

Source listing is required here. That does NOT mean you need to click on it.
Even my SBS did NOT post the entire source image, merely the extracted baby.

You (and others) are making an oversized mountain out of a molehill, based upon YOUR individual tastes. That is NOT encompassing of art or artists, no matter how hard you say you defend the creation.

At one time, not that long ago, "Living rooms," were FAMILY rooms, and when people died, they often were laid out IN THE COFFINS for people to visit and pay their respects. We ALL die at some point. This was most likely a miscarriage, preserved for medical science. There is NOTHING wrong with the photograph of the specimen, nor of it's use in a manipulation. It is ONLY "major issues" in the minds of those not able to see the bigger picture. But thank you for sharing your POV, nonetheless.

Although I wish the discussion were more on the created image, instead of the source used, I appreciate the fact that members are interested enough to comment. I would just prefer they try to keep their personal bugaboos out of it.

"GOOGLING" any image does NOT mean it is available for public use. I found this image through EVERYSTOCKPHOTO.com, which is a site INTENDED for public stock photo usage.

I did not "want the controversy," that is as foolish as condemning the final image because of the source used...

no avatar

My sister was born at 6 months gestation!!! This website, which I found within seconds of googling "5 month old fetus" has an image of a living fetus that also would have worked. I'm starting to think that autor really wanted the controversy!


avatar UncleJimmy

Driven...the coffin view photos were OFTEN published in local papers...

no avatar

Heck, they used to sit the dead up in chairs as if they were still alive!

Um, Author. When it comes to using a "Dead Baby" I don't think any view is "personal!" I guess that there are some people somewhere in the world are not turned off by images of dead babies.

This is what I used when I needed a fetus for a photo manipulation: http://luckystock.deviantart.com/art/fetus-46446757

Not as clear as yours, but at least people could focus on the beauty of your creation.

avatar Drivenslush

well then ... here's a cookie itsmymoment.. I hope you enjoy seeing your corpse on the local news LOL.. (You missed the point totally) sorry, cut some respect to a fetus corpse.. it deserves just as much respect as a large one.. who cares if it's only seconds alive..there is a reason only the family gets to take the ashes home.. and not anyone who shows up to the service..

And author, you are brave to chose such a horrific subject to manipulate.. when You pass into the next life, May I coat you in Fuzzy green plants and make you a competition subject? So stylish, so beautiful.. (all I was asking for you to do is show some respect to past departed, (I love all art, I even love this, but it really doesn't belong in a competition.. that's all I'm saying,, it belongs in a High art Competition, not in a Fern Plant image.. (show some respect to the dying)

When you decide to use a subject of such deep regard, the resulting image should follow under the same value...

I really don't think a fern qualifies as a equal image to human creation (but then I could be wrong... )

This type of image has it's place... BUT NOT IN A PUBLIC COMPETITION FORUM.. it's called respect for the Dead...

They showed Mussolini in public papers being spat upon, upside down and dead, doesn't make it any less wrong. and because of those photos.. so much of the paper work that would have incriminated his deeds was lost, because the PUBLIC saw those images and destroyed all the evidence against his followers... (Why do you think the Egyptians are freaking out over all the paper work in the buildings of the secret police)... sigh.. there is a bigger picture

(using the term TSK to formulate an argument for a passed on fetus, is very sad indeed)

avatar UncleJimmy

Ok...last point here and I'm finished....we exhibit our dead all over the world. Stalin still resides (to the best of my knowledge) in a glass coffin on public display, museums, teaching facilities and schools all display dead humans in various forms (skeletons, as well as preserved specimens). A similar image to this is in my daughters bio textbook (7th grade)...perhaps I'm insensitive, perhaps just a realist...

The Vatican and the Catholic Church also has had the dead bodies of Sainted persons on public display...

The author chose to tastefully and artfully incorporate the source image.

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Keiley22 says:

Author, I think it is a well made image. I am open about death and have alot of photos from generations past of 'dead people' in poses as if they were alive.
The poor woman who lost her baby so early obviously had no problem with the foetus being put into a jar in the first place! Otherwise she would have buried or cremated!

I can say things about some other images made and used on this site, that I find sick, stupid and have no artistic taste what-so-ever.... I just don't vote or comment on them

@ DS........... we get the picture... you don't like it, you don't agree with it, but let it go now.......... if you are so against it then why do you keep coming back to look at it, or is it you that is enjoying the controversy.........

Leave the author alone now, it really is getting beyond the joke!

Goodluck author Im sure my reputation points will drop dramatically now lol

avatar JamesP
JamesP says:

I really like your pictures - 1 little thing though is the small fronds in the middle looks like it has a straight line were it meets the stem. maybe use the part from the original to make it less of a line...

avatar gornats
gornats says:

great work, and the extensive comments make it even better

avatar insanewayneOO


author says:

Thanks for catching that line, James, you're spot on. I'll fix it now!
Edit: I think it's better now. I really appreciate you pointing that out. It's always nice to have extra eyes to catch little things missed.

avatar yoguy108
yoguy108 says:

i doubt if any one can bit this one
there is a challenge for all
excellent work author

avatar JamesP
JamesP says:

no prob author. I enjoy finding those little mistakes -

avatar Poss
Poss says:

Please put fetuses on the other 2 swirls. Your imagination is outstanding.

author says:

Poss, I'd probably be tarred and feathered if I did...lol!
Thank you (and all the others) for your kind words and support!

avatar filantrop
filantrop says:

If the food tastes good you don't want to know what's in it

avatar Androla
Androla says:

well done, author!!!

no avatar

So if that is a fiddlehead fern, than that fetus could blanched and eaten,

avatar jadedink
jadedink says:

I'm not gonna run off and say this isn't good. or well done. but distasteful, for sure. on a site where nudity isn't allowed, excessive gore isn't allowed, yet a dead fetus in a jar is allowed? is there a moral border here i've yet to understand? I've seen nipples taken out. i've seen things depicting drugs taken out. i've seen things that were mildly gory removed because it was on the border. this is almost morally disturbing enough to have crossed that border as well.
would it have been any different had it been a dead cat?

avatar k5683
k5683 says:

wow, I don't have enough time to read all the comments.....maybe the author should have just put "CAUTION: source photo may be disturbing to some viewers" But I actually like the fact that the author took an unfortunate photo/situation and tried to bring LIFE to it with this manipulation.

avatar shaiju1974

Nice work!!!!

author says:

@ jadedink:
Feel free to flag it, don't whinge about it as a comment. That's what the "Raise red flag" checkbox is for.

@ k5684:
Thank you for appreciating the entry. I don't feel any public source image link needs to have a "caution" label, as the mods here are pretty good at removing any entries they feel are inappropriate, which is why I think all those who have issues with this entry should take it up with them, and confine their comments to the entry, not the source used...

avatar Androla
Androla says:

you are so bothered with the dead fetus, no taste, no humanity,etc!!! everybody is so touchy and sensitive!!!
BUT WHAT ABOUT OLD BABIES CONTEST!!! you didn't think that this is inhuman and had no taste! it was OK to distort photos of the real alive babies and to make them FREAKS! you didn't find it offensive!and those who participated in than contest thought it was fun. but i am sure that none of you would have transformed his/her baby into an old freak!!! it was so easy to take a picture of someone else's kid and to make those horrible things!!!
the author did nothing wrong, instead he gave another life to that poor creature! good luck author!!!

avatar lolu
lolu says:

Fantastic !

avatar dekwid
dekwid says:

oh well, I have to say that I really like this creation, very well blended, I just dont know if it is untasteful or immoral or something, I think everybody should read Androla's comm now..

avatar jadedink
jadedink says:

I have no problems with the quality of the piece. I have problems with ignorantly using a source that would cause controversy like this. Author, you of all should get that, because had someone else done this idea, I am certain I would be reading your remarks here as well. You voice them so boldly.
You could gain much higher marks using a more socially acceptable source. That's all. You chose to incorporate something that would scream attention to your piece, and I suppose for votes, that's great. But...morally speaking, you could have done much better with a live baby.

author says:

Wrong *again*, Jadedink. I have NO problems with the SOURCE someone uses. I couldn't care less if it was made from a bowl of bloody entrails.

Unlike YOU and a few others, MY concern is with the FINAL IMAGE, and how well done it is from a technical, compositional, and creative standpoint.

AGAIN, keep your whinging OUT of your comments.
If you have a problem with ANY image, flag it.

Sorry, but technically, this image would NOT have fit MY intended goal with a "live baby."

The image was of a developing fern. I wanted to change it to a DEVLOPING baby, NOT an after birth one.

Bottom line, people. GET OVER IT. You don't like my source? TOUGH. Flag it, and just MOVE ON. I did NOT take the source image, it IS within the Pxleyes guidelines, and MY FINAL IMAGE is not violent, bloody, or sexually suggestive.

YOU BET I voice my opinions boldly, BUT, I do NOT bring my personal belief systems into the comments (unlike SOME of you) - My comments relate to the ENTRY.

no avatar
Keiley22 says:

well said author

avatar beaneze
beaneze says:

Get of the grass mate. Lets get real. You put a controversial image out there and you expect folks not to say anything unless its about the final image, Your kidding yourself.

Folks look at the whole process not just the final image , the idea, the source, how well its done. you are ask for no personal belief but thats what art is. Art has ability to take you on a personal journy and what each person gets out of it is up to them.

What i got out of it was you did some mighty fine work and you should be very pleased.

But please dont opress peoples views casue they are not the same as yours, they do have a right to say if they like it or how it affects them, Thats called muture respect for each others opion .Dont just make art is what you see is what you get its the whole process. its personal

Nice work

avatar cabldawg71

Well said beaneze
My views will be shown in vote and flag.
enough said

author says:

Beaneze, you are mistaken. I have NO PROBLEMS with people discussing THE FINAL IMAGE. The "controversy" is a very few people who have issues with the source image I used to CREATE the final image.

You want to talk about the FINAL IMAGE? Fine, I appreciate the comments.
You want to whinge about your personal beliefs about a photo of a medical specimen? NOPE. Not here, it's not relevant, and not needed. PARTICULARLY the assumptions that I somehow created this "to scream for attention." Those attitudes are against the Pxleyes Rules and guidelines.

"Mature respect fo each other's opinion" should apply to those people condemning THE FINAL IMAGE simply because THEY have issues with the source image I used to create it, regardless the result...

THANK YOU, yes, I AM pleased with the results, and every member who has taken the time to comment on THE FINAL IMAGE, good or bad, is appreciated. It is only those whingers who throw accusations out and condemn it NOT for what it is, but for what it was made from, that I have no respect for, because they have no respect for any beliefs but their own...

@ cabldawg, THANK you. I would FAR rather your views be shown in your vote and flagging the image than complaining about the source I used.

avatar Vexycon
Vexycon says:

I just want to praise your work, I think that is a great idea, and it's not just a picture, I see as a new creation of life !

no avatar

Actually, now that I know the source image I like it better. I like that it's giving life to something that has lost it's own. This fetus was obviously on display to a group of people who research it or whatever. I think to showcase it in such a creative way is much more respectful than displaying it in a jar to study.

avatar TheIndustrialSphinx

Hi there. You know, when I clicked this piece I honestly didn't expect to see the chain of arguments (or debate, if that's what you want to call it). I was surprised because, personally, I see absolutely nothing offensive about it. The final piece is spectacular and well done, particularly the lighting. And you know, perhaps the others didn't pick up on it, but to me it holds a representation of life and rebirth which is a neat image you captured from the source.

Speaking of the source picture, I can understand how people are sensitive but I hope they overlook that and appreciate the end result, as shown here. Ultimately, you were creating a work of art and that's what's most important. Personally, I like it. I think it's very original and refreshing.

author says:

I want to sincerely THANK all of you who are artistic enough to look at the final image, rather than obsessing over the source image used to create it.

Yes, is was my sincere attempt to make the fern represent growing LIFE, and when I first saw the contest image, the curled fern on the end resembled a growing baby to my eye.
That was ALL I was attempting. I did not want to cause a controversy, I was not "screaming for attention" or votes, and made every attempt to NOT cause offense by making my SBS as "neutral" as possible. The issue of my source image ONLY became a problem when a few narrow-minded individuals called attention to it in a demeaning manner, and began attacking the FINAL IMAGE, based upon their personal unhappiness with the source image used.

I did not take the source image, and as I stated previously, it was from EveryStockPhoto.com, a very large repository of royalty-free images from quite a few sites.

I SO appreciate those of you who see the beauty and life in my contest entry, as that validates me as an artist, because I WAS successful in communicating my vision to you in a visible manner. THAT is what our art is meant to do (at least in my case). Your comments of support MORE than balance the petty nay sayers and thumbs down in this thread, and truly show me the artistic heart many of you possess. Again, my many, MANY thanks to you all!

avatar TheIndustrialSphinx

Well said, Author, and a heart-felt "you're welcome." Good luck in the contest. I think it's a piece that deserves more positive recognition.

avatar spaceranger

When I saw the source image I was saddened because of the life that never was. But I thought it an academic source and the author did a fine job creating the image which I saw as life about to be born from the plant. I was surprised at the reaction but I can understand how a fleshed out unborn fetus can affect us emotionally.It's human nature, it's instinctive.
I do wonder though why then is it okay to use a human skull, a brain, a heart, blood or other body parts as source which many of us have. Those images were once alive, why don't they deserve the "respect for the dead" given the fetus? I'm not being critical I just offer food for thought.
I probably would have considered changing the source if I found someone was offended by something I did... but that's my choice. We should still vote for the art on it's own merits.

avatar MrBig
MrBig says:

This is good, and probably will win. The construct is superb, the blend also - and it is perfectly on theme.

MANY excellent points expressed here as well, most personal pov - yet all with merit. The jury is still out on whether this is the appropriate forum; however. I believe there is something in the rules regarding that? At least there were.

Agreed: VOTE and FLAG should carry the bulk of your statement. Water seeks its own level - and one "opinionated" or "controversial" comment - begets another.

That said, this is much akin to television programming. Don't like what's on? Turn the channel. Although there is some sort of rating system the forewarns of "mature content", ultimately it is personal choice that dictates what we do or do not view. Period.

Another "mature content" entry might be found in the NEON LIGHTS contest. The entry is quite popular, highly viewed and much discussed - yet does it not appoach the boundaries of "mature content" and being a little "suggestive"?
I certainly am not complaining, just offering a BIG observation.

It appears we as a community possess a penchant to blur the "regulatory line" regarding content and "THE RULES" when the image is more socially accepted yet clearly regulated here.

Excellent piece. NostraBIGmus says: First place.

no avatar

Oh it is amazing some people is very creative person!! I can't look my eyes down from this picture.

avatar EmiK
EmiK says:

Wow!!! So far this is the most comments I've seen on any picture. You did a great job on the blending. I think you are celebrating life here by turning the stock photo in to art for people to enjoy forever.

avatar wtfayla
wtfayla says:

wow i like this

avatar samanway
samanway says:

i like it ,i vote from me.............

no avatar
candermac says:

Good concept for picture.

avatar CorneliaMladenova

Amazing entry, Author! Congratulations in advance

avatar nanaris
nanaris says:

great,!!!! good luck!!

avatar Glockman
Glockman says:

Started to read all the comments but then decided just to vote on quality of the work. great looking image imo.

avatar swordfish
swordfish says:

High marks and fav from me..... this is an awesome entry .....

avatar cterraza
cterraza says:

Congratulations in advance this is great art. You are a winner.

avatar George55
George55 says:

It will be always nice to see your work... do not be disappointed I learned a lot from your entry.... Thanks.

author says:

You're most welcome, George55!
I'm not disappointed. I gained many new friends through this entry, and enjoyed creating it. The narrow minded have always existed and always will, so they do not bother me, power voters or not.

no avatar
Keiley22 says:

Sorry this didn't get a higher place, i definately voted it to win

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Interesting that so many members chose to whine about the source and not the final image. Everyone would have praised this piece if they hadn't known what the source was. Hypocrites.

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