dragon leaf - created by gotmeamuse

dragon leaf
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just the leaf copied abd skewed many times and photoshop with my wacom tab (5 years and 3062 days ago)

The Leaf Demon - created by JustinCase

The Leaf Demon
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Source is my niece. (5 years and 3062 days ago)

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Birds - created by chakra1985

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one of my old entries! (5 years and 3061 days ago)

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CANADIAN FLAG - created by cterraza

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this is a very simple entry but everything was made in photoshop. even the flag.
used only one external source. the silky...2 thanks to nkzs for the picture.
here was used the distort filter and displacement map. (5 years and 3059 days ago)

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Butterflies - created by chakra1985

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one of my old entries :) (5 years and 3061 days ago)

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