Am I Scary? - created by arkncheeze

Am I Scary?
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Just thought how will a jack out of the box will look is made from this source... So gave it a try...

No external source use... Just the contest source, photoshop and a little Illustrator...

Would really appreciate advice on how to improve it... Thanks :)

**Edit: Got rid of the black background and the glow... Added a simple orange sunburst...** (5 years and 3142 days ago)

Stone not Available - created by pingenvy

Stone not Available
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The background photo is my own. Wall is all source. (5 years and 3142 days ago)

The Rusty League - created by GolemAura

The Rusty League
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source and fonts
my pictures (5 years and 3142 days ago)

perfect setting - created by Jerinelle

perfect setting
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just layered over my photo of a necklace and burn (5 years and 3147 days ago)

Smile Please! - created by semas

Smile Please!
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A rusty couple posing for posterity.I have used only the source image to create the art. (5 years and 3143 days ago)