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Do you put it in the bank? With the current worldwide financial situation perhaps you should spend you money elsewhere? Your mission is to create a picture displaying how you would spend your money wisely or not so wisely. The descision is yours...just let your imagination run wild.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

Ory: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHacDYj8KZM Barenaked Ladies Song - "If I had a million dollars" ( 5 years and 3090 days ago )
wazowski: Credits to traceydewell for the contest idea. ( 5 years and 3088 days ago )
gopankarichal: I think most of us not having money. So need of thinking spend money wisely or not so wisely. See no entries till this date. ( 5 years and 3086 days ago )

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Lambocopter - created by Siminho90

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Lambocopter is my work and is not real! If I got million dollars, I would have bought lamborghini and a helicopter.


Check this out! (5 years and 3084 days ago)

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What to buy first? - created by Paulus62

What to buy first?
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(5 years and 3085 days ago)

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For a cool million.... - created by prairiekittin

For a cool million....
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The way the economy is going, it won't be long before THIS is all a million will buy! (5 years and 3086 days ago)

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Helping others - created by boogeyman

Helping others
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If I would won 1 million dollars, I definitly would spend some to finance charity organisation (5 years and 3083 days ago)

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Move to Italy and buy a Benz. - created by tnaylor21286

Move to Italy and buy a Benz.
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(5 years and 3085 days ago)

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