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Granville Street Theatres Picture

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The goal of this contest is very simple: take any gray-scale photo and give it more colors! If you don't have a gray-scale photo, take a color photo and turn it into gray-scale first... then give it completely different colors.

You can also use an old black and white photo that was made before color photography was invented, and then colorize it as realistic as possible.

Realism is not necessary however, you can also give unusual colors and color combinations to your photo... Combinations that do not exist in real life.
Don't forget to post the originals in your source list, or in your SBS guide. Drawings are not allowed. Your photo must be fully colorized, no gray-scales can be visible in your work.
Remember, that only one single photo can be used! No chops are allowed in this one.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

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Granville Street Theatres - created by magicalfruittuts

Granville Street Theatres
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The outstanding black and white photo on which this entry is based was taken in 1946 at Granville, Vancouver by the Old Dominion Photo Company. It is one of my favorite black and white photos. There are many people in the streets. Most of them were affected by motion blur, as was the bus on the street. This gives the photo historical authenticity and helps the viewer realize the flurry of activity at the location. (1 year and 128 days ago)

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Charles Bridge - created by magicalfruittuts

Charles Bridge
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Outstanding black and white photograph of foggy bridge in Prague by Jiri Sebek. I changed no pixels - only coloring and blends used. There was only a fairly low res image available for modification. (1 year and 133 days ago)

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Eerie Night - created by runswithcats

Eerie Night
Favs: 0SBS: n/aHi-resRank: 3/19Score: 58.8% (25)16264 views

The yellow brick road and the color of the lights, (which remind me of the wicked witch), was inspired by The Wizard of Oz. (1 year and 127 days ago)

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love flavored melting blue delicious - created by Drivenslush

love flavored melting blue delicious
Favs: 0SBS: n/aHi-resRank: 4/19Score: 58.6% (20)15098 views

Thanks to "The Wild Swans" for the title :) Not my favorite song by them, but definitely in the running. (1 year and 134 days ago)

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SMILING - created by George55

Favs: 0SBS: 2Hi-resRank: 5/19Score: 58.4% (15)18213 views

Simple colorization.. (1 year and 129 days ago)

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