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James and the Giant Peach Picture

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Create a scene out of a book. Harry Potter, Shakespeare, Lord of the Rings, the bible, a children book and so on.
Name the book in your description.


Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

Shaima11: does it means
the scene pops up from the book?
or only it mentions the name ( 5 years and 257 days ago )
Contest Moderator: It means you have to create a scene that is written about and described in the book. That means you will have to read at least some of the book to find a scene you want to illustrate. ( 5 years and 257 days ago )

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James and the Giant Peach - created by WYSIWYG

James and the Giant Peach
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(5 years and 253 days ago)

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Jack and the beanstalk - created by Zizounai

Jack and the beanstalk
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Jack felt nervous as he placed his foot on the thick stalk. Slowly, he began to climb - up past his bedroom window – and up past the chimney on the roof. Soon, the cottage looked like a small dot beneath him. ‘Don’t look down!’ Jack thought as he clung on tight. ‘I hope I don’t fall. It’s a very long way to the bottom!’
Jack carried on climbing. Before long, he was so high up that he passed into fluffy white clouds. He couldn’t see the ground anymore, and he couldn’t see the top of the beanstalk either. He was all alone in the thick whiteness.
‘But it’s too late to turn back now,’ thought Jack. ‘I mustn’t stop. I must keep on climbing till I get to the top!’

More elements for the beanstalk: (5 years and 250 days ago)

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Alice in wonderland :-) - created by fdgreece

Alice in wonderland :-)
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Alice in wonderland (inception version)i hope you like it (5 years and 257 days ago)

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Lion King - created by skyangel

Lion King
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Night comes quickly to the Pride Lands.
The sky turns violet and shatters into stars.
At this magic hour, Mufasa and his son
sit beneath the slowly turning galaxies,
surrendering themselves to
the rhythms of the nocturnal world.

Mufasa passes along the wisdom of the pride,
telling Simba how the great kings of the past
look down from the stars and will always be there
to guide him.

(5 years and 251 days ago)

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Les misérables - Cosette. - created by Zizounai

Les misérables - Cosette.
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The man accosted her. He spoke in a voice that was grave and almost bass.
"My child, what you are carrying is very heavy for you."
Cosette raised her head and replied:--
"Yes, sir."
"Give it to me," said the man; "I will carry it for you."
Cosette let go of the bucket-handle. The man walked along beside her.
"It really is very heavy," he muttered between his teeth. Then he added:--
"How old are you, little one?"
"Eight, sir."
"And have you come from far like this?"
"From the spring in the forest."
"Are you going far?"
"A good quarter of an hour's walk from here."
The man said nothing for a moment; then he remarked abruptly:--
"So you have no mother."
"I don't know," answered the child.
(Victor Hugo)
(5 years and 245 days ago)

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