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For many occasions you have best wishes cards. Of course you have the birthday card, the st. Valentine's card, a Christmas card, you name it and there's a card!
But how often do you see a card to insult somebody? Like a card with a manual how to wash your stinky feet or a text saying "Can't you move to Japan or something?" (actually, this card really exists!).
Your goal is to make the funniest, most offensive card that can be addressed to somebody (not to a specific person, so no PXL member either), using images and text, so a nice design/layout is appreciated. Don't make the idea for the card too rude and one dimensional (no swear words), but rather go for original and smart insults.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

scratzilla1: how often?? well, every yr .. I have a special one that I send LOL. all the best everyone ( 2 years and 323 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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Stinky Old Fart - created by skyangel

Stinky Old Fart
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I made the card flat, then cut it into three bits and transformed each piece with the perspective tool to make a trifold card. (2 years and 318 days ago)

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You Cockroach! - created by Zizounai

You Cockroach!
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(2 years and 321 days ago)

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...a Twofer - created by Drivenslush

...a Twofer
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(2 years and 311 days ago)

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Congratulations On Your New Baby! - created by JarOCats

Congratulations On Your New Baby!
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(2 years and 320 days ago)

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Yo Slingshot - created by lchappell

Yo Slingshot
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(2 years and 320 days ago)

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