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A Boy

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Use your photo editing skills to try and create the most professional looking magazine cover you can. It can be on any subject you like the key is to try and make it look just like a cover you may see on the shelf at the news agent.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: junkieball

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A Boy's World - created by CMYK46

A Boys World
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(5 years and 623 days ago)

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Down Time In Orbit - created by CMYK46

Down Time In Orbit
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Checking the view before relaxing with a magazine.
I hated to crop some of her beautiful floating hair, but the composition would have suffered IMO. (5 years and 615 days ago)

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Photoshop Mag! - created by vinshine

Photoshop Mag!
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Pxleyes - A photoshop Magazine for y'all. (5 years and 616 days ago)

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Is Apple Rotten? - created by pearlie

Is Apple Rotten?
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The copy on this entry is all true, put together from personal research, as is the screenshot of the Apple stock taken January 7th after the market closed on the Yahoo Finance site (a free site). I've been trying to get a grip on the stock market over the past several months and seeing many stocks fall like this, I'm glad to not be an investor yet! Watching and learning, but my first love is still Photoshop. (5 years and 626 days ago)

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Stay Fit this February! - created by vinshine

Stay Fit this February!
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A fitness magazine.

Used a few resources and the rest are texts and shapes. (5 years and 615 days ago)

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