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Derelict - created by CMYK46

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A scout ship investigates a derelict spaceship and the remains of its pilot. Who or what was he? A robot? An android with metallic skin? An artificial intelligence? The answer may never be known…unless they return! (4 years and 244 days ago)

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Tales Of Day And Night - created by George55

Tales Of Day And Night
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Just source used to make this entry. (4 years and 239 days ago)

Green Krill Red Krill and the Gardian Marbles - created by Drivenslush

Green Krill Red Krill and the Gardian Marbles
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(4 years and 249 days ago)

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Entry number 93716 - created by uwak44

Entry number 93716
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mystery of the past 2 (4 years and 241 days ago)

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Whispers - created by George55

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The links for my non-copyrighted pictures are in my SBS. Thanks Rein for your help.

A little girl was walking by the rocks on the beach. Her mom was distracted talking to some friends. The little girl, I will name her Cindy, walked to the rocks, as she saw something there. It was the statue of an angel with broken wings, sunk on the water, half of its body showed up. She approached, closer to the statue, left her sandals over the side, and she started whispering at the statue. "Who are you?" "Who broke your wings?" She did not get an answer. And continue whispering.... (4 years and 242 days ago)