Crazy Hats - Photoshop Contest [3 entries]

Baby Kitty Picture

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Create a hat that is fantastical and / or crazy, it can be anything you like.
A magic hat
A gadget hat
A holiday inspired hat - i.e. Christmas / Easter etc
or even a celebration / commiseration hat

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

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Baby Kitty - created by Drivenslush

Baby Kitty
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(4 years and 281 days ago)

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Crazy Screaming Beaver's Hat - created by Drivenslush

Crazy Screaming Beavers Hat
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(4 years and 281 days ago)

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Duke Petuniapoo, Uncle to Jadis - created by Drivenslush

Duke Petuniapoo, Uncle to Jadis
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Uncle "Poo Poo" had an affinity for hats, and left this one to his Sweetly Evil Niece who had a strange addiction to Turkish Delights.

(FYI) a Turkish Delight is what a snot would taste like if you could make it into candy. Seriously. just about the most god-awful-liest stuff in the universe. (Oh I'm sure there are some peeps who like it, but I'd rather they serve me the stuff they scrape off the back burners of a greasy spoon diner's burger grill then munch on a Turkish Delight) The Rose Water flavored ones are the WORST!!! (4 years and 280 days ago)

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