Vortex - created by marina08

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No other sources used. (5 years and 962 days ago)

Beautiful Memories - created by George55

Beautiful Memories
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Thanks to Bandini, for the pics of the family, to sssh221, for the pic of the rose, and Alcinoe for the pic of the marble texture. All of them from Morguefile. (5 years and 963 days ago)

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Inspiration - created by George55

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The original idea for this entry was changed due to a warning I got from mods, because I was using a picture of a painting that was not allowed for the contests. Now I am submitting this new one.

Thanks to wax115, Kevin_P, and mrooczek from morguefile for the pics of the doll, piano keys, and old pic of a woman. (5 years and 961 days ago)

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The Signing of a New Work - created by artgirl1935

The Signing of a New Work
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No outside sources used. Drawing with brush tools for 'work of art', then roses added from source. (5 years and 962 days ago)

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The Wee Critic - created by Drivenslush

The Wee Critic
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