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Bigfoot on film: 1922 Picture

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Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti. He's called by different names, but he's still a big, hairy, man-like creature. If you had a camera and crossed paths with one, you might snap a picture. Show us what a bigfoot would look like if you did. Try to make it as realistic as possible.

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Bigfoot on film: 1922 - created by CMYK46

Bigfoot on film: 1922
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One of the last remaining frames of film shot by famed explorer Indiana Smith, on his final expedition to the remote Gyuto valley in Tibet in 1922. His Sherpa guides deserted him, saying the Yeti were sacred mountain beings of great power and should not be disturbed by humans. The badly damaged film can was found near Smith's skeletal remains.
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just want 2 be normal - created by andi

just want 2 be normal
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getting to old take ya shot - created by andi

getting to old take ya shot
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after all this years come on im getting to old to keep traveling no more hiding (5 years and 2349 days ago)

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Big Foot Profile - created by jordyponce

Big Foot Profile
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Portrait of Bigfoot - created by mazanda

Portrait of Bigfoot
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