AParking Meter on The Stroll - created by Chuck

AParking Meter on The Stroll
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Home Grown Insanity - created by Drivenslush

Home Grown Insanity
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There was an insane asylum near my college and it had Sunny in the title, I used to watch a woman who's head would pop up and down in one of the barred windows and she would crack me up. I found out from my roommate who had worked there that she was well into her 50's even though she looked like a little girl. Her favorite thing to do was to jump up and down on her bed to look out the window.

When she was caught, they would punish her by taking away her catalogs. (One of her peculiar habits was to look through the various catalogs and dream of what she would buy and how much it would cost.) Sigh. My roommate said she would cry and cry when they took away her catalogs.

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Parkinator - created by irish1967

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The Web Board Game - created by Chuck

The Web Board Game
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Fashion show - created by simon0520

Fashion show
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