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Everyday, people are coming up with new companies that offer new products and unique services to the public. Many of these ideas tend to be a little crazy and not well thought out. In this contest, create an image which exhibits a new company with some crazy and radical services or products. For example, you could create a tanning salon for hairless cats or a shop which sells used greeting cards. The crazier the company, the better!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

artist3001: Used greeting cards is actually not a bad idea for a company. Imagine cards passed from generation to generation. :P ( 5 years and 1850 days ago )
jawshoewhah: I guess I need an example ( 5 years and 1850 days ago )
kayaklovergirl: how would you show that? ( 5 years and 1849 days ago )
Contest Moderator: Any entry submitted after 2000hrs GMT Friday 27th November will be removed ( 5 years and 1842 days ago )

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Need an Elephant? - created by orientallad

Need an Elephant?
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Tak Tak Tak, Good morning Sir, we have a great offer for you.

Only Photoshop (5 years and 1848 days ago)

Snickers Toothpaste - created by RickLaMesa

Snickers Toothpaste
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(5 years and 1843 days ago)

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Instantly become Artist - created by nasirkhan

Instantly become Artist
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Great news: Pxleyes has launch their 3 product Surreal Art, Drawing Skills and Fantasy Art syrups.
Use of any of this product will, instantly produce and boost relative creativity skill in you. 15% discount on bundle purchase. Hurry up, order now and become artist and produce master peaces.

Thanks to shiyali, Lelaina and BeverlyLR. (5 years and 1844 days ago)

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GENET-X - created by Poss

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Quality genetic engineering to your heart's content in the near future.

Thanks to Moriel, SKYROS, Bluegum, and mihow from for the great photo sources. The background photo of the clouds are mine. (5 years and 1846 days ago)

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Feb 30th - created by alexstephen

Feb 30th
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Thanks to Dominic and Amagill for the images.

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There are companies which cheat people. This company is one of them, they promise to double your money in 100 days and give your payouts on february 30th of 2010. For the people who didnt get it yet, there is no February 30th ever.

Even though the name of the company is quite doubtful, there are lot of people who still fall as victims to these companies because of greed.

Hope you liked this entry:) (5 years and 1845 days ago)

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