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TarTar - created by Gremlinby

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Minsk. Belarus. 2016 (5 years and 20 days ago)

avatar filantrop
filantrop says:

Tatar.I eat.

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avatar skyangel
skyangel says:

The photo is absolutely wonderful.
It looks like raw meat and a raw egg is in the bowl.
Do people eat it raw or is it just getting ready to be cooked?

filantrop says:

Steak tartare, also called filet américain or tatarský biftek, is found in many European cuisines.

Filet américain is often eaten as a spread in the Netherlands and Belgium
In the Czech republic, steak tartare (tatarský biftek) is commonly found in most restaurants. The main lean raw beef component is made from sirloin and has a raw egg yolk in a dimple in the center of the ground meat. The meat can be premixed with herbs and spices, but usually the customer is given various spices and condiments on the dish to mix it to the preference of the customer. Steak tartare is typically served with toasted rye bread and raw garlic cloves to rub onto the toast.

A variant of steak tartare called tartarmad is also present in Danish smørrebrød, where it is served on rugbrød (rye bread) with assorted toppings.[citation needed] In Sweden, steak tartare is called Råbiff, and is usually served with raw egg yolk, raw onions, diced pickled beetroot and capers. In Finland, "Tartarpihvi" is served with raw egg yolk, raw onions, pickled and salted cucumbers and capers. Variations of the dish include dressing with buttermilk sauce and salmon roe, for example, as the dish is getting quite popular nowadays in the Nordics, where meat hygiene is very high. The (European) Russian version can include also pickled and salted mushrooms and toasted white bread.

(5 years and 17 days ago)

avatar friiskiwi
friiskiwi says:

Congratulations on 1st place, a beautiful entry.

avatar madamemonty

Congrats 1 & 2 well done.

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rturnbow says:


avatar patty
patty says:

Congrats on 1st, great photo

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