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The Tri-Shadow : Spirit of Sweat - created by sirajulalamrafi

The Tri-Shadow : Spirit of Sweat
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  • Camera: Symphony
  • Camera model: P6
  • Exposure time: 1461/1000000
  • Aperture: f/2.8
  • ISO: 104

The title is a made up.
It's a Rickshaw. The Puller makes his Daily by pulling it in Hot summer, Heavy rain, Enormous Cold... His sweat pays him.
With respect to this dedicated soul, our transportation made easy. (4 years and 121 days ago)

avatar still26
still26 says:

This is a photograph from a mind who thinks out of the box. Catching shadows so well, the triangular seat to follow the contest rules, the oil stain above in the frame that marries well with the title you have provided. Please remember that titles DO MATTER especially if you have a gallery showing it means that the title can either make your sale or break it. The only catch I have is I do wish the triangular seat was a bit sharper. Before I cast my vote I will study your image in hi-resolution. Love your thought process and your pov is strong and unusual.

author says:

Thank You very much...
Exactly the sweat thing came from that oil stain.
I thought it would be perfect to add the word SWEAT to it.
And yes..!! I'm always in search of story.
But sometimes adding a title feels awkward to me. I only put a title when its hard to know the story of the picture or where I'm presenting it.
Picture that tells no story, well it's hard to capture then to tell.. 😂😂
Oh.!! the seat was a bit out of focus.
My phone is of f/2.8 (seriously 😞)... but I don't know how it manages to supply some beautiful close ups with good blured background. 😂😂

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