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A Walls point - created by jawshoewhah

A Walls point
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Grayscale only. (5 years and 2752 days ago)

avatar Mekun
Mekun says:

fits the theme perfectly? where is the pin point?

avatar kyricom
kyricom says:

a nice shot, but it doesn't really recede to a pinpoint

author [banned] says:

You people are unbelievable. I'll find another picture.

author [banned] says:

I replaced the picture.

avatar Mekun
Mekun says:

Much better, was that so hard?

avatar adeincyprus

did you desaturate this?

avatar UncleJimmy

highlights just a tad blown on the upper left, but all in all a good entry, GL author!

author [banned] says:

Yes, sorry forgot to put it in the description. I know the highlights are a little blown. Didn't really want to enter this one for that reason but it's an obvious pin point. Just trying to stay original.

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