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The smaller can overcome - created by wiseman

The smaller can overcome
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To me this mean the ideology of not having to be big or important to make a change or be successful / important. I left the dust on the table to represent the hard work of the little. (pons) (5 years and 2894 days ago)

avatar chaplain
chaplain says:

I like this but I think the idea would come across stronger if you used pawns of the opposing color. The big king toppled by the small pawns! The pawns here appear to have failed in their mission to protect the king, which seems to run counter to the ideology you are try to convey. Just my thoughts. I still like this entry. Good Luck.

author says:

Thanks for the comment the pawns are actually the opposite ones it is just a clear set and one side is just a little more opaque kinda hard to tell ... Thanks

avatar Govindrathod

I agree with chaplain....Great thought and ideology but this really looks as if the pawns were incapable to save the king. Had it been the other colour it would have made a big difference in the interpretation. But a great imagination though......GL

author says:

there are places where smaller groups can take over the larger branch of that group also depends on the situation

avatar JoelleMT
JoelleMT says:

I totally agree with you!

no avatar

In Australia we call it the victory of the 'under dog' or pulling down the 'tall poppies'. Australians like an egalatarian society - did I spell that right?lol Good shot and nice lighting it speaks to me - as I am short lol

avatar cocor
cocor says:

Very nice shot author! Yet I think small ones (almost) always overcome in happy-end movies...

avatar UncleJimmy

wonderful idea and great shot

avatar maclu2iaf
maclu2iaf says:

Strong message in this picture here. Nicely done!

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