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Ah, mouthwatering.... - created by poetress59

Ah, mouthwatering....
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I will share.
A Choc. covered cherry and other delicious candies on a bed of cotton candy. Yummy! (5 years and 1186 days ago)

avatar EmiK
EmiK says:

Looks delicious, and what a nice twist, right on top of cotton candy =)

author says:

thanks EmiK- I couldn't wait till the photoshoot was done.....taste testing here I come. lol. Had a great time picking out the individual chocolates at a local candy shop....they make everything there....way too many to choose from though.

avatar robvdn
robvdn says:

Yikes, a toothache bomb! :d

I like the red at the top area (at the bottom it is to bright for my taste) it goes well with the cherish ; the combination of the blue cotton candy and the chocolate... hmm

Color-wise I really like this

avatar kyricom
kyricom says:

It says you'll share. Pay up!!!

author says:

robvdn-thanks for your comments. The lighting at the bottom was intentional as I underlit to shine through the fabric giving it the effect I was looking for. Unfortunately the cotton candy only came in a few colors so the blue was my representation of the candy kind of sitting on a "cloud" so to speak. lol. I appreciate your comments. Thank you.
Kyricom- can you taste them yet? I think I need to invent virtual taste and smell so that with a click on your computer you can get the full effect as if you were tasting them. lol. Otherwise...I will have to post their website later. lol.

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