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Mayfly - created by k5683

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(5 years and 1513 days ago)

avatar MnMCarta
MnMCarta says:

Just a little tip but Dark bugs need a flash with HIGH f-stop to not wash them out but to bring out their focal points.
Can I ask you what a "Mayfly" is or is that just the name you gave it? I've never seen this kinda bug but I might be from a different part of the US or world than you. Love to see new creatures

author says:

thanks for the suggestion. Mayfly is the name. Some people call them Fishflies but they come out usually in may when it starts to get warm and damp. This bug is in the US. When it starts to get warm, you'll seem windows covered with them around places near water. The ground will be covered with them and you can hear them pop when you step on them. They are very friendly

avatar cabldawg71

yes and the trout love them.
We tie on imitations during the catch and try to catch fish.
This is one cool bug.
Very nice Author

author says:

thanks. and yes, that is why they are sometimes called fishflies.

avatar kimlandsiedel

How big are those mayfly's in real life scale? They look huge! I love the underside view you were able to get. It's different...

avatar Ory
Ory says:

Its a cool angle and maybe you just wanted to share, but its lacking compared to other entries.

author says:

They are about 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length I believe. Ory, yes I believe it is lacking compared to others, but should I just give up because others are better than mine???!!!!

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