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s2 - created by Brunheroti

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(5 years and 1691 days ago)

avatar RayTedwell

This is very nice, the name is very clear, which I imagine took a few attempts! I'm sure this earned you a few brownie points!

author says:

Thanks a lot..

avatar trialboj
trialboj says:

Nice trick, but in PS you should make much easier :P

avatar jerostone
jerostone says:

Nice one!

author says:

RS, trialboj has no secret to making a picture like that! I did in four attempts

avatar jawshoewhah
jawshoewhah [banned] says:

trialboj, this is a photography contest. Only so much is allowed in PS.

avatar h4yley
h4yley says:

This is an awesome shot but i guess i don't see how it's related to valentines.

author says:

I followed the theme. PS:Plain and simple.... in honor of St. Valentines Day. Photograph anything that's related to valentine.

avatar kyricom
kyricom says:

This is a nice shot, but I agree with Hayley

avatar friiskiwi
friiskiwi says:

well done

avatar FallingHorse

well... it does have a heart at the end of the name. To me, the author is declaring Juliana as his sweet heart

avatar h4yley
h4yley says:

Fallinghorse, that would make sense.
An explanation from the author would be nice.

author says:

Hayley, I have explained ... the theme itself says it can be photographed everything related to dating. My picture shows that my relationship with my girlfriend is true, because not forget her, nor when I am photographing.

no avatar

i bet Juliana is as beautiful as ds picture...well done

avatar EmiK
EmiK says:

Very nice hand writing, and very sweet gesture = )

avatar niks1351
niks1351 says:

love it...

avatar jawshoewhah
jawshoewhah [banned] says:

I saw the heart. I never thought it was off theme.

author says:

Thanks for the votes

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