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Everything changes...either quickly or slowly...through our willpower and effort, or despite trying to keep things just as they are. - For this round, show us one photo freezing a moment in time...and another, later, after the universe has altered it in some way...

Anything from a messy room to a clean one, long hair next to the hair cut results, a fresh ham sandwich...and what a few days in the sun does to it... BEFORE, and AFTER, anything you'd like that shows a difference... [put the two images into a single, side by side diptych picture to make the comparison easier...]


Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

zgzrock: Can you upload only one photo where the two states appear? For example two photographs with different states and degrade it in one ( 2 years and 178 days ago )
Contest Moderator: @zgzrock: no a diptych by definition contains 2 separate photos ( 2 years and 176 days ago )

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Burst - created by kyricom

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Before and after a bulb hits (2 years and 179 days ago)

Fushia - created by friiskiwi

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(2 years and 181 days ago)

12 hours later - created by still26

12 hours later
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(2 years and 180 days ago)

Two boats - 9 hours have passed - created by still26

Two boats - 9 hours have passed
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(2 years and 180 days ago)

Great Egret Fishing - created by dhoebeke

Great Egret Fishing
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(2 years and 183 days ago)