Bagman - created by still26

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  • Camera: SONY
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  • ISO: 200

Endless toil and moil. He wears a mask to protect him from the fibers as he sews and repairs burlap bags. (2 years and 285 days ago)

Getting In Character - created by photonut

Getting In Character
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Taken at a Charles Dickens festival in the uk,this was one of a characters in a play (2 years and 287 days ago)

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Take Your Daughter to Work Day - created by chieflong

Take Your Daughter to Work Day
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  • ISO: 320

Kendra all dressed up in my gear! (2 years and 287 days ago)

All Dressed Up - created by photonut

All Dressed Up
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  • ISO: 400

Taken at a Charles dickens festival in the uk (2 years and 287 days ago)

Farmer - created by friiskiwi

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(2 years and 279 days ago)