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The Fountain @ Robert Hall Winery Picture

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Shoot something that is "framed" by something a picture frame or window (but those won't count)... A tractor through an old, dilapidated hole in some wall, cactus on the other side of an opening in the sagebrush...or just make a "O" with your fingers around a __________ in the distance... You get the idea :)

Required level: 10- or lower.
Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

friiskiwi: How disappointing, after all the lobbying to get more beginners contests, we have only had 4 entries. ( 5 years and 1481 days ago )
awediot: Well...neither a "black and white still life depicting "ART"", nor "Framing" an object, are easy, straight forward, ie: -Beginner- themes... I was disappointed to see that those, rather than something basic (like "Perspective", as I suggested AS a beginner contest) were chosen to be subjects of what should be by definition simple (like "Shadow", "Curves" or a "Cool Palette" etc.) Beginner themes ought to focus on the fundamentals of composition, lighting, color, depth of field and so on...not so much on subject matter, mood or even artistry (though those are always encouraged).

In my opinion, choosing these themes in this context is self-defeating... Hopefully "you'll" give it another shot with something simpler... ( 5 years and 1481 days ago )
friiskiwi: I feel you are selling our 'beginners/new members' short. Also if they are really that new to photography I'm sure they would have even more problems with "Shadow", "Curves" or a "Cool Palette" that a simple subject like framing. ( 5 years and 1480 days ago )
awediot: "Beginner/novice photographer" and "new member" may be nothing alike, despite their -10 points. A pro/newbie will likely win their way into being ineligible for these it should be; and those practicing their skills can get a chance to win... Members here must be at all levels and I don't mean to sell any of them short. I just remember the sequence of the things I was taught regarding the creation of 2 dimensional -art-, and the essentials of composition were pretty methodical, logical, and built on each other... Specifically framing your subject is an uncommon goal that produces a very formal image that borders more on decoration... Lighting and shadow, lines, either flowing or sharp edges, color theory etc. are in play in every picture we take... Beginners are exploring how to best produce their vision. The creativity of making that vision ART is another matter.

IMlessthanhumbleO anyway ( 5 years and 1480 days ago )

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The Fountain @ Robert Hall Winery - created by MyMindsEye

The Fountain @ Robert Hall Winery
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Best viewed in Hi-Res. (5 years and 1486 days ago)

Doorway to Peace - created by Searoom

Doorway to Peace
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Archway to Fountain (5 years and 1486 days ago)

Schönbrunn - created by Neese

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(5 years and 1480 days ago)

Subterranean Citrus - created by MyMindsEye

Subterranean Citrus
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View from a corridor of a multi-variety citrus growing in a subterranean courtyard.
This is a small section of an incredible hand dug dwelling located in Fresno Ca.
An absolute marvel that must be seen if you're touring this area. (5 years and 1486 days ago)

Chinese Garden - created by sjkphoto

Chinese Garden
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(5 years and 1481 days ago)