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India - Peacock Picture

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States Countries, Regions have birds, flowers, animals that represent the given area. Example, United States has the Eagle. Russia, the bear etc. States have official flowers, birds etc. Photograph any official living object that represents the area named. No inanimate objects such as flags, official seals or emblems etc. No duplicates such at the same bird from the same State but 3 separate birds from 3 separate States would be OK. Or a mixture of 3 things from any one State or area. That is one flower, one bird or one animal from the same State would be OK.

The title would be the State and the object such as New York - Blue Bird etc

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: janoogee

momvera: Russia doesn't have a bear as an official symbol, it is two-headed eagle. I think that most of the countries in the Wold has an eagle as a symbol.
( 3 years and 365 days ago )
Artifakts: To give an help :

(Momvera : according to that link to Wikipedia, Russia has both animals as symbol). ( 3 years and 364 days ago )
momvera: Thank you for the link Artifakts, because I didn't know animals of my native and living countires ))) ( 3 years and 364 days ago )

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India - Peacock - created by Artifakts

India - Peacock
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Tennessee State US - wildflower - Passion flower - created by janoogee

Tennessee State US - wildflower - Passion flower
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Passion flower is blue, white and fragrant wildflower and one of the two official state flowers for Tenn. Iris is the cultivated state flower. (4 years and 2 days ago)

Florida Alligator - created by MnMCarta

Florida Alligator
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Madagascar - Lemur - created by Artifakts

Madagascar - Lemur
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(3 years and 361 days ago)

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Botswana - Zebra - created by Artifakts

Botswana - Zebra
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