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We have had yet 2 abandoned building contests. We keep the main idea of abandoned place, but this time the picture must be taken inside the building. No people or animals allowed. No black and white shots.

So you have to shoot an abandoned room in color.
Be careful if you enter a prohibited area, don't risk your life for a picture!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Artifakts

k5683: want to see some amazing abandoned buildings? Check out Andre's portfolio I am in an abandoned building (home) almost everyday in Saginaw MI for inspections, but they are not what you think....just a bunch of really gross people who cant clean. ( 2 years and 41 days ago )
downoffthedragon: Don't risk your life for a picture? That's not a very photojournalistic thought!!! Where would Time Magazine be without "risking your life for a picture?????"
( 2 years and 40 days ago )

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reclaimed by the desert - created by meran

reclaimed by the desert
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built long ago but still here - created by janoogee

built long ago but still here
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An empty packing house withstanding the ravishes of time. Difficult to find a spot that had clean graffiti or mostly acceptable words written on the walls and pillars.

Empty space - created by Artifakts

Empty space
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your choice - hot or cold - created by meran

your choice - hot or cold
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This could be a fixer upper maybe - created by janoogee

This could be a fixer upper maybe
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A beautiful old refurbished warehouse that had a second chance but it did not fair well. It will soon be demolished with all that very old sold heart wood.

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