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Take your best shot of a building or structure that has been enhanced with a painted mural or graffiti. No indoor murals, just outside the building. Just straight up graffiti is fine as well.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: photogirl723

saranga: Oh my.. I guess i'll end up "fav"ing everyone in this contest.. I am easily impressed by large art works.. ( 5 years and 1535 days ago )
wazowski: ( 5 years and 1534 days ago )
saranga: Oh mann... That was fab wazowski... ( 5 years and 1534 days ago )

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futuristic workers - created by Tijeras

futuristic workers
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(5 years and 1535 days ago)

Oscar Niemayer - SP - created by MarcosSanchez

Oscar Niemayer - SP
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(5 years and 1535 days ago)

People in the Windows - created by BeSea

People in the Windows
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(5 years and 1534 days ago)

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Tintin - created by Artifakts

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In some streets of Brussels (Belgium), you can see that kind of painting on some houses... (5 years and 1535 days ago)

Toltec - created by Wayne Cheah

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