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On the edge Picture

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By buda
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Give us your best mountain grab. Whether the sun is setting behind them, or the scene is just spectacular, submit your favorite mountainous masterpiece.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Leanord

jerostone: Are panos allowed? ( 5 years and 1681 days ago )
Contest Moderator: As long as the entry is a pano of a mountain. ( 5 years and 1681 days ago )
jerostone: Thanks ( 5 years and 1681 days ago )

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On the edge - created by buda

On the edge
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Mieguszowiecki szczyt, Tatra mountains in Poland ; ) (5 years and 1677 days ago)

dominating - created by meran

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(5 years and 1681 days ago)

misty mountains - created by meran

misty mountains
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(5 years and 1683 days ago)

dragonflies in the foreground - created by friiskiwi

dragonflies in the foreground
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I only saw the dragonfiles when I looked at this photo on the computer (5 years and 1679 days ago)

In the alps - created by tomzag

In the alps
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Add a description... (5 years and 1677 days ago)