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Pet, captive, or living in the wild - give us your best shot of our shelled friends. Must be alive. No toys or models.

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close enough! - created by meran

close enough!
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(5 years and 1468 days ago)

Fresh air and sunshine - oh yea! - created by janoogee

Fresh air and sunshine - oh yea!
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A turtle looking at the sky (5 years and 1464 days ago)

Chainsaw - created by kyricom

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My son found a baby Snapping Turtle when he was helping with some yard work at a neighbors. We kept him in an aquarium over the winter, but he was getting a bit big to keep so we let him go in a nearby swamp around May. Check out his claws. These animals can get to be 40 pounds and are REALLY nasty. It was interesting feeding and watching him for a while, though. His name was "Chainsaw." (5 years and 1466 days ago)

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Almost there ! - created by MarcosSanchez

Almost there !
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(5 years and 1465 days ago)

Desert Tortoise - created by envie

Desert Tortoise
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This little guy was found in New Mexico on the Road. This shot is after he was moved from the road to the other side of a fence. (5 years and 1466 days ago)

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