Beautiful Winter - created by Hiccup

Beautiful Winter
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Dew drops on Spiderweb (5 years and 2228 days ago)

Transformation - created by captgeo

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A single downward drop of milk lands in a pool of water mixing and transforming into a beautiful drop of water rising up to show itself. (5 years and 2230 days ago)

rose - created by guilleblanco

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use water spray, natural light and some adjustments in ps (mainly white balance, exposure, clarity + noise reduction after filling light) (5 years and 2228 days ago)

Flowers In The Rain - created by Bambi

Flowers In The Rain
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Not man made rain either, as I found it in the garden one morning. (5 years and 2233 days ago)

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Morning Joy - created by qlmos7

Morning Joy
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(5 years and 2234 days ago)