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By Rik
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Animals may be friendly to man but still some of them may be dangerous. Your goal is to take a shot of one of those dangerous animal (don't go too close!). For example a lion, a tiger, a crocodile or a shark. Only one specie is allowed (if you are photographing lions, no tiger in your photo). No humans allowed. Good luck!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Lamantine

kyricom: Get ready for everyone's zoo photos. ( 5 years and 1673 days ago )
MnMCarta: I hope there arent lions in the same picture as tigers cause that would be one hell of a fight! Lol ( 5 years and 1673 days ago )
kyricom: Unless someone stuck them together they would never be in the same picture. Lions are from Africa and Tigers are from Eurasia ( 5 years and 1672 days ago )
FallingHorse: What about kittens?? I have 5 at the moment and I swear you can't walk through the room without near breaking your ankle or neck! ( 5 years and 1672 days ago )
Contest Moderator: Contest submissions are closed, any new entries will be removed. ( 5 years and 1664 days ago )

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nameless - created by Rik

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Purty Kitty - created by northphoto

Purty Kitty
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A little catnip and steak makes kitty happy. (5 years and 1672 days ago)

SMILE! - created by MnMCarta

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Tiger - created by Rik

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Cheetah - created by friiskiwi

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