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From back in the day to this modern age, I remember having one of those phones where you put that tube-looking thing to your ear and spoke into the other tube thing. Ours didn't work, but it looked great on the wall. Enter your most artistic shots of a classic phone. Meaning: no cellphones, but only fixed home phones with a wire. The older, the better.

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The deal... - created by karaflazz

The deal...
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New York 1927. (5 years and 2662 days ago)

Masterpiece Theater - created by locksmagic

Masterpiece Theater
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(5 years and 2657 days ago)

Shop phone from 1892 - created by friiskiwi

Shop phone from 1892
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(5 years and 2658 days ago)

over 100 years old - created by friiskiwi

over 100 years old
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(5 years and 2658 days ago)

Off the Hook - created by jeaniblog

Off the Hook
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(5 years and 2658 days ago)