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By wind
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It's probably safe to say everyone has seen something like this before. People in a home selling off unwanted junk and clothes on their lawn, in their garage or even at a rented flea market lot. Capture your most artistic take on a yard sale.

To be considered on theme, it must be obvious it is a private sale (shot from someone's home or people sifting throu what looks like used items. No pro retail displace. This includes businesses that sell used items like Deseret Industries or The Salvation Army. Have fun and good Luck!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: jawshoewhah

friiskiwi: Great, not, there are always lots of Yard Sales here in the weekends, but it's raining today, and not likely to clear up for the nextfew days. ( 5 years and 2733 days ago )
jawshoewhah: Yeah, we have them every weekend here too. I thought they might be kind of universal to the world. ( 5 years and 2733 days ago )
mexe: nope, here there are never yard sales ( 5 years and 2731 days ago )

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Buy me! - created by wind

Buy me!
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Spring sale - created by wind

Spring sale
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Sunday yard sale - created by kumar

Sunday yard sale
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Big Yard - created by friiskiwi

Big Yard
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Can I get it into my car? - created by friiskiwi

Can I get it into my car?
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