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Churches have been around for hundreds of years. They are usually easily recognizable with a quick look. However, for this contest we want churches that don't actually look like churches. For example, newer churches are often far from the traditional churches, or there may be some that are unusual in other ways. Find a nontraditional church and take the most artistic photograph you can. In your description, please tell us the religion the church belongs to.

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New Orthodox - created by locksmagic

New Orthodox
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Assumption Greek Orthodox Church (5 years and 2335 days ago)

Modern church - created by patty

Modern church
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(5 years and 2343 days ago)

Lourdes - created by friiskiwi

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The Basilica of St. Pius X, known as the Underground Basilica, is the largest and most controversial of the Domain's churches. It was designed by the architect Pierre Vago and completed in 1958 in anticipation of the enormous crowds expected in Lourdes for the centenary of the Apparitions. A modern, concrete building, it is almost entirely underground (part of the building lies beneath the Boulevard Père Rémi Sempé above). When full it can accommodate 25,000 worshippers. (5 years and 2342 days ago)

Church of Christ - created by friiskiwi

Church of Christ
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(5 years and 2339 days ago)

Forest Chapel - created by locksmagic

Forest Chapel
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This chapel is on the grounds of a hospital in my area. They hold memorial and worship services here in the warmer seasons (5 years and 2335 days ago)