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We had a math contest in photography, now we need to photograph basic principles of science. Einstein's laws - Newton's laws - as long as the image relates to science, it's on theme. Please give a description if it isn't perfectly clear how your shot relates to anything considered scientific. For more information on basic principles of science, go here

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: jawshoewhah

jawshoewhah: I say, this contest is simply Poetry In Motion ( 5 years and 2770 days ago )
gigi: There are several laws in medicine. Are those acceptable? Thanks. ( 5 years and 2769 days ago )
jawshoewhah: It's really hard to say that just about anything would be considered off theme. Just about any image could be applied to one specific element of science or another. ( 5 years and 2768 days ago )

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Species - created by Lamantine

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(5 years and 2768 days ago)

Gravity ... - created by mellanieb

Gravity ...
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... the force of attraction between any two bodies. It increases with increasing mass of the bodies and decreases if they are further apart.

What goes up must come down :-). (5 years and 2769 days ago)

Lets Communicate - created by ziggyx2003

Lets Communicate
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Microwave communication tower. (5 years and 2768 days ago)

On my trip to the moon ... - created by Harrierman

On my trip to the moon ...
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(5 years and 2768 days ago)

Isaac Newton - created by jeaniblog

Isaac Newton
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Theory of Gravity (5 years and 2769 days ago)