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Your goal is to represent any sentence or group of words in the song "Exodus," sung by Evanescence. For example, for the part of the song: "My black backpack's..." you could take a shot of a black backpack.

Good luck and don't forget to mention which part of the lyrics you used. Exodus lyrics can be found here.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Lamantine

karaflazz: G R E A T ! ( 5 years and 1883 days ago )
jawshoewhah: Fabulous song! Fabulous artist. Fabulous idea Lamantine! ( 5 years and 1883 days ago )
Lamantine: ( 5 years and 1883 days ago )
MrsCooper: I don't know this song... But what about using lurics from someone not so contemporary or with lyrics so "Romantisised" What about some captain beefheart? Ween or Frank Zappa? Something surreal... ( 5 years and 1883 days ago )
magicsteve: I suggested a free for all song lyric contest wherein the photographer can choose the song he/she illustrates. Still, I like this song and hopefully people get very creative with it! ( 5 years and 1882 days ago )
Barracuda: Great Contest Idea... looking forward to seeing the entries ( 5 years and 1882 days ago )
adeincyprus: it's been done before magic........there were some good entries as I remember. ( 5 years and 1880 days ago )
iquraishi: Hey People.. its Lamantines birthday today.. wish you a very Happy Birthday buddy.. ( 5 years and 1879 days ago )
Barracuda: Happy Birthday Lamantines ( 5 years and 1878 days ago )
Lamantine: Thank you !! ( 5 years and 1878 days ago )

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Here in the shadows.. - created by maclu2iaf

Here in the shadows..
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I'm safe, I'm free (5 years and 1876 days ago)

I know I'm not lost - created by maclu2iaf

I know Im not lost
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I am just alone (5 years and 1876 days ago)

20 bucks ... - created by mellanieb

20 bucks ...
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... should get me through the week. (5 years and 1881 days ago)

Dismay in Empty Eyes - created by Neleous

Dismay in Empty Eyes
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The very last line of the song lyrics (5 years and 1882 days ago)

I am just alone - created by buda

I am just alone
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On the lake shore (5 years and 1878 days ago)