The Kitchen - created by Kare

The Kitchen
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(5 years and 1529 days ago)

Our Living room - created by kyricom

Our Living room
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Apparently, we're not quite as modern as a lot of you. The little red bells hanging from the lights were put there one christmas about ten years ago when my oldest son was finally able to reach it. (5 years and 1531 days ago)

My room - created by Ory

My room
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This is all I have, living in a flat with 2 others, student life.

The picture kind of looks better in B&W but only cause its more classy... As this was showing my room in its normal state, I thought "classy" was not really an accurate way of portraying it... :-) (5 years and 1530 days ago)

Office - created by Lamantine

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This is where I do my homework :P (5 years and 1532 days ago)

my favorite green wall - created by madelinerayne

my favorite green wall
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