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One of the main ways people relax is to sit with a nice cup of coffee. And when we relax, we often let our minds wander. So when you're relaxing with your coffee, look at it, and you may see figures such as hearts, trees, or animals.
We might see those figures in the steam, the foam of an espresso, or the swirls after adding cream. Whatever the case, take a photo of it and send here! The figure must be clearly visible!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: ivanSpace

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Out Of The Ashes - created by locksmagic

Out Of The Ashes
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I used cornstarch to thicken the coffee so I could draw with it. (5 years and 1553 days ago)

Café de Paris - created by maclu2iaf

Café de Paris
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(5 years and 1547 days ago)

Alien In My Coffee... - created by UncleJimmy

Alien In My Coffee...
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I went to drink my coffee and there was this strange "eye" looking about...? (5 years and 1551 days ago)

Smells Great In The Morning - created by magicsteve

Smells Great In The Morning
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The instructions for the contest never say the coffee has to be in liquid form. :) (5 years and 1547 days ago)

what's love got to do with it? - created by maclu2iaf

whats love got to do with it?
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(5 years and 1546 days ago)