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We have had stop motion/high speed photography contests in the past, but they usually have fairly broad guidelines. Let's make this one more specific.
Take a shot of glass breaking. Not glass that is already broken, but is actually in the process of breaking.

Required level: 5+ or higher.
Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: locksmagic

jawshoewhah: Somehow I see Lodd taking this one again with one of his split second shots ( 5 years and 1555 days ago )
friiskiwi: I'm out, staying with my daughter, I don't think it will be appreciated if I start breaking her glassware. ( 5 years and 1555 days ago )
iquraishi: she'll be happy friiskiwi.. and yes I agree with joshua.. could name the winner of this contest before the first entry.. but I would like others challenging Lodd.. it'll like 1 vs n numbers.. ( 5 years and 1554 days ago )
mellanieb: Damm, I had the perfect vase fall off my shop shelf yesterday .... should have looked at the comps earlier. ( 5 years and 1553 days ago )
Lodd: ops. looks like i'll have to take out the BB gun again ( 5 years and 1553 days ago )
jawshoewhah: Yup, I knew ya would be Lodd ( 5 years and 1552 days ago )
Lodd: f**k f**k f**k can't find the Co2 ( 5 years and 1548 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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Seven Years - created by locksmagic

Seven Years
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(5 years and 1550 days ago)

Kill The Lights - created by locksmagic

Kill The Lights
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(5 years and 1548 days ago)

"Diet is die with a T" - created by Lodd

"Diet is die with a T"
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No more diet coke for me...
though it looks kinda cool when you smashes it with a crowbar.

We just had three bottles so the High amount of FPS came in handy... (5 years and 1548 days ago)

Power Outage! - created by kyricom

Power Outage!
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I never realized how sturdy lightbulbs are nowadays. After numerous drops on various surfaces, only to have them bounce away, I finally got out a piece of marble. Even then, about half the time they just bounced! Finally got a usable one. :-) (5 years and 1551 days ago)

shot it - created by Perathor

shot it
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(5 years and 1547 days ago)