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Take a photo of a friendly little crustacean (ok some might not be friendly!). A crustacean is an invertebrate animal with several pairs of jointed legs, a hard protective outer shell, two pairs of antennae, and eyes at the ends of stalks. Lobsters, crabs, shrimps, and crayfish are examples of crustaceans.

The subject of your shot can be of any crustacean, or representation of a crustacean. It can also include people.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: eggplant81

jawshoewhah: Hard to get these shots when you like it Utah and the only crustaceans native here are the brine shrimp in the Salt Lake... hmmm... ( 5 years and 2692 days ago )
eggplant81: How about the seafood market or super market? Hey don't have to be alive :P ( 5 years and 2689 days ago )
lvstealth: wow! i have this sudden craving for Red Lobster ( 5 years and 2687 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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Petri - created by niiicoleyy

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my roommate's pet hermit (5 years and 2687 days ago)

Look at me! - created by wind

Look at me!
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(5 years and 2687 days ago)

crabby - created by madelinerayne

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(5 years and 2692 days ago)

Tourist attraction - created by captgeo

Tourist attraction
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This is a giant "art" piece made and displayed at a local artist village. (5 years and 2685 days ago)

Hermit crab - created by madamemonty

Hermit crab
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I met this little fellow on the beach one day... (5 years and 2692 days ago)