B&W Mum... - created by UncleJimmy

B&W Mum...
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Canon A300 3.1 Mp, in camera B&W, macro mode....from a few years ago... (5 years and 1494 days ago)

dusk - created by friiskiwi

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camera phone (5 years and 1493 days ago)

Sunrise At The Marina - created by locksmagic

Sunrise At The Marina
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This was taken with my 6 year old samsung 6mp point and shoot, I remember when that camera was brand new and I thought "can it get any better than this" (5 years and 1496 days ago)

1st May, a few years ago - created by roon

1st May, a few years ago
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olympus c860l , 1,3 MP (5 years and 1495 days ago)

spiral - created by carousel

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hp 1.9mp camera (5 years and 1490 days ago)