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Anyone can spot the black sheep in the flock of white ones. We've taken this scene and applied it in many different ways where humans are involved. But we label the one who 'sticks out' as the black sheep.

Take a photo of your interpretation of the saying, "the black sheep of the family." It can either be the oddball of the bunch, or the one with undesirable characteristics (physical or personality.) To help you out, here is a link for the phrase
Animals/Humans are allowed.

Required level: 8+ or higher.
Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: k5683

Lamantine: this looks a lot like the "in the crowd contest" ( 5 years and 2276 days ago )
Lamantine: ( 5 years and 2276 days ago )

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Defying gravity....? - created by captgeo

Defying gravity....?
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(5 years and 2268 days ago)

green head - created by roon

green head
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Rebellion - created by locksmagic

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Bob's parent's decided it was time to have a talk, they were concerned with his "new style" (5 years and 2268 days ago)

black victim - created by roon

black victim
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Mind trap. - created by karaflazz

Mind trap.
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