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We've been taking photographs for over 150 years. They are a record which allows people to see into the past. And, the past can be five minutes ago, too.
Taking a picture of a picture can be tricky... so, let's see your take on this. Your task is to choose your favorite photo, put it in a frame with glass and snap it in an interesting manner... But, we must see the picture in the frame very clearly: no reflections or glare.

Required level: 10- or lower.
Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: mperri

Ory: I'm exactly level 10, is it ten and below, or just below ten...??? ( 5 years and 2849 days ago )
FallingHorse: ditto to the above? ( 5 years and 2849 days ago )
locksmagic: I think people aren't getting the whole "in a frame thing" ( 5 years and 2849 days ago )
Govindrathod: Is it necessary to frame it in glass only? i mean there are many frames in which the photograph is put just as it is in the frame without glass or else they are framed without glass in a traditional way. Is that allowed? ( 5 years and 2848 days ago )
Contest Moderator: the guidelines state that the shot should be in a frame with glass, and that no glare or reflection should be seen. if the frame is not glazed, then th eshot could be matte, and that would be unfair to those shooting against the glass!!...So, the frame will be glazed!....... ( 5 years and 2847 days ago )

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I'm coming guys... soon... - created by busmav

Im coming guys... soon...
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Our pet Rocky.:) Updated (5 years and 2847 days ago)

Smile! - created by locksmagic

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(5 years and 2849 days ago)

Old Barn - created by xcanuc

Old Barn
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Here is a pic I took and framed myself. I wanted to use old barn planks but they were too large and when I cut them down they stood out because the rest was aged nicely. My solution was I found some old pallets out in a field in behind an old warehouse and used that.

The problem is I didn't check the image and the printer cut off the sides. It looked better before but oh well. It was my first try and my sister still loves it (I did it for her B-day), so it all worked out and I know better for next time.

Cheers. (5 years and 2843 days ago)

graduates - created by risagirl

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Graduation pictures of my parents (5 years and 2843 days ago)

New Family - created by sodoff

New Family
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(5 years and 2842 days ago)