My contests

Start a customized contest to promote your site/product, or just for fun!

Who can start a contest?

Anyone can! You can run a contest to promote your website, company or software product. Or, as a pxleyes member you can run a custom contest and use your credits as a prize.

Does it cost anything to run a contest?

In most cases, running the contest is free. We make a distinction between 4 different types of custom contests:

  • 1) High Traffic sites: you run a company/blog/website and you announce your pxleyes contest on your site: Running a contest like this is completely free if your site has high traffic. Offering a prize for your contest will of course boost interest in it.

  • 2) Low Traffic sites: You run a company/blog/website and you want to promote it in a pxleyes contest: Running a contest like this costs $50. For this price, your company advertisement will be visible in the contest and the contest will be permanently online.

  • 3) You sell a product or software: Your contest is free to set up. The prize offered for this contest is the software or product your are selling.

  • 4) You are a pxleyes member: As you probably know, when you win contests here, you can build up a nice amount of $ in your account. This money can either be withdrawn by yourself, or you can use it to start your own custom contest. A contest of this type is free to set up and requires a minimum amount of $10 for prize money. This is basically a fun type contest, where you give back to the community, and give others a chance to participate in a fun contest and earn some extra credits.

How to get started?

The most convenient way is to register and come back to this page. Here you can manage all your custom contests and store them for later reference. If you prefer not to register, you can request your contest via mail: support AT pxleyes DOT com.

It is strongly recommended however, to manage your own contests here. This way, you can always make the necessary changes, edit your contest prizes and permanently keep track of statistics.

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