A Work in Progress: Apple Headquarters

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Apple Headquarters
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Cut model away from background. Put in a plain color background to make sure the mask is clean. Using pen tool, make selections and cut the head into quarters.
Paint the back of the head sections by hand. Textures are done using render clouds, gaussian blur and motion blur effects. They are blended with multiply and overlay blend modes.

Creation of Apple Headquarters: Step 1
( hi-res )

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Make a new render cloud layer above background layer. Blur it a bit. Add a gradient overlay to give the illusion of light and shadow areas.

Creation of Apple Headquarters: Step 2
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Cut apple tree away from background. Cut sections of the apple source and place in the head pieces. Mask out unwanted bits.

Creation of Apple Headquarters: Step 3
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Cut out apple blossom and place in various places around the design.
Add a frame. Filter with 0il paint filter. Add slight vignette around edges, adjust colors, and lighten center.

Creation of Apple Headquarters: Step 4
( hi-res )

Final result

Creation of Apple Headquarters: Final Result

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