A Work in Progress: Bric-a-brac (10 differences to find)

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Bric-a-brac (10 differences to find)
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Here are the differences:
1 - Dragonfly legs
2 - Bottle color
3 - Heart on the elf's hat
4 - Color of elf's buttons
5 - Turned the star on the king's crown (hope this is not a lese-majesty crime)
6 - Inverted the numbers on the pilote's cap
7 - Pilot eyes color
8 - II becomes III on the clock dial
9 - Leaf inverted and warped in the elephant's ear
10 - Inverted the heads of the porcelain statuettes

Creation of Bric-a-brac (10 differences to find): Step 1
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Final result

Creation of Bric-a-brac (10 differences to find): Final Result

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