A Work in Progress: Exploding Migraine

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Exploding Migraine
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Cut out model and egg. Make a new plain black background. Blend egg with face using masks and color adjustments.

Creation of Exploding Migraine: Step 1
( hi-res )

step 2 of 5

Add two layers of shattered glass behind the head. Resize and rotate to suit, blend on screen mode and do some more color adjustments.
Add the crab nebula layer above the glass layers, desaturate and blend on luminosity mode.

Creation of Exploding Migraine: Step 2
( hi-res )

step 3 of 5

Select the red lava from the lava source, paste two layers of it and blend on overlay. Mask the places where the lava is not wanted. Add sparks on screen mode. Change tattoo colors.

Creation of Exploding Migraine: Step 3
( hi-res )

step 4 of 5

Using the cracked egg, cut out the cracked sections and paste around the head.
Add drop shadow, bevel and emboss using layer styles.

Creation of Exploding Migraine: Step 4
( hi-res )

step 5 of 5

Lighten egg shell bits using levels and exposure. Match color of broken egg shell bits with skin tones.
Blur the sunset source and add as new layer, blend on soft light mode at 25% opacity. Render lighting effects and add a vignette.

Adjustments after comments.....
Removed shadows, repositioned and added zoom blur to some pieces.
Thank you to CMYK and Rob for the helpful suggestions.

Creation of Exploding Migraine: Step 5
( hi-res )

Final result

Creation of Exploding Migraine: Final Result

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