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step 1 of 9

Cut out model, change hue to bluish tones, add plain blue filled background.

Creation of Avatar: Step 1
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step 2 of 9

Cut out eyes, enlarge 120%. Cut out pupils separately and enlarge them more. Change eye color to a yellowish tone. Remove eyebrows.

Creation of Avatar: Step 2
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step 3 of 9

Mask out human ears. Add cat ears. Adjust hue and saturation to match face tone.
Colour lips a purplish hue. Change nose shape using liquify. Paint in some new highlights and shadows on and around nose.

Creation of Avatar: Step 3
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step 4 of 9

Cut out a piece of the braid. Make a custom brush and adjust brush settings so it ends up painting a long braid as in examples.

Creation of Avatar: Step 4
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step 5 of 9

Paint in hair with premade custom brush. Change hue and saturation of hair.

Creation of Avatar: Step 5
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step 6 of 9

Using a hard brush, paint some tiger stripe patterns on half the face. Copy and paste, then flip the copy horizontally to make a mirrored pattern on the other half of face.

Creation of Avatar: Step 6
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Merge both layers and blend them into the face using an overlay blend mode.

Creation of Avatar: Step 7
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step 8 of 9

White sparkles added to face and duplicated three times.
1st layer was blurred to create a subtle glow.
2nd layer was blended on overlay.
3rd layer was left normal but the sparkles were selected, the selection contracted 2 pixels and the outside of the selection deleted to create a subtle highlight in the center of the larger dots.

Creation of Avatar: Step 8
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step 9 of 9

Hair shadows added to face and neck, beads added to hair. Beads recolored.
Feathers added.
Black vignette added around bust portrait. Thin blue border added. Black frame added.
Gradient lighting added.
Text added to poster, layer styles added to text. Blue border adjusted around the text.

Creation of Avatar: Step 9
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Final result

Creation of Avatar: Final Result

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avatar BWR
BWR says:

TY. Good SBS.

(3 years and 52 days ago)
avatar still26
still26 says:

Angelica, this is mind numbing wonderful explanation, which I don't understand, I think you need a PhD ....you are a true artist and tea
Thank youcher.

(3 years and 46 days ago)