A Work in Progress: Amfisratelan.

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animal mashup 2018

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Make the jelly fish (3) black and white.

Creation of Amfisratelan.: Step 1
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step 2 of 5

Turn the jelly fish (2) upside down and add the black and white jelly fish(3). Rotate into place, blend layer on screen mode. Duplicate and flip horizontally, warp into shape to make two areas of tentacles coming from head. Mask out areas where there is too much white.

Creation of Amfisratelan.: Step 2
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step 3 of 5

Cut out tortoise shell, turn upside down and warp into shape around the jelly fish.
Cut out octopus, resize, rotate and warp into shape for legs. Adjust colors to match the tortoise shell.

Creation of Amfisratelan.: Step 3
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step 4 of 5

Cut out and position, bird wings, lizard eyes, dinosaur mouth, cat whiskers,
Using various colour overlays and layer blend modes, match the colors of all layers to the shell.

Creation of Amfisratelan.: Step 4
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step 5 of 5

Add blue jelly fish (1) and blur it, blend on soft light mode.
Add galaxy and blend on overlay at 60%.
Play with hues and colors till satisfied with it and save the mixed up creature.

Creation of Amfisratelan.: Step 5
( hi-res )

Final result

Creation of Amfisratelan.: Final Result

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